jordan, dane & retah

I absolutely believe that each and every person who has has been born, is alive now or is yet to be born,

has been created to be the answer to a question in their generation.


This is a core belief of mine and an original truth that drives me every day to do what I do and try to reach every one of 7+ billion people on the earth with the message of Overcoming and Discovering.


Prior to overcoming my gang-rape and discovering my purpose, I used to think that I'd die young and never

live to see past the age of 40.  The years of oppression caused me to feel hopeless and in my the midst

of my hopelessness I was unable to dream the dreams and see the visions of my youth.


But after I overcame my gang-rape and discovered my purpose, I have come to realize that each one of us

has a set amount of time to become the answer that they were created to be.


A set amount of time to reach a finite amount of people.


So the question becomes, what happens when we DON'T become what we were created to be?

What happens when the ones who are looking for the answer that you possess DON'T find you?


The answer to those two questions is simple:  Jordyn, Dane and Retah...that's what happens.


Jordyn, Dane & Retah were three individuals who never knew one another, yet share the same tragic story.


Jordyn was the sister of a young man who is very precious to me.  His name is Cody.  Together, these two siblings suffered years of abuse from the authorities in their lives.  So much suffering that Cody has struggled for much of his young life in a variety of ways and Jordyn recently became the statistic of a herione overdose.  

But what really killed Jordyn was a broken heart, broken spirit and the inability to see past what her oppressors

thought of her and truly recognize her real value & worth.  

Tragically, she left a two-year old son behind who will only have pictures and stories told of his mother.


Dane was the cousin of a very dear friend of mine who was an amazing young man.

He was loved beyond measure by his family and friends and yet there seemed to be something missing in his life.

So much so that he would make a decision that would ultimately end in tragedy & heartbreak.  

A couple years ago this precious young life was snuffed out by a decision that was not rooted in purpose

but rather, every thought that is opposite that of potential, purpose and power.


Retah was my cousin and recently lost her life due to years of drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

She was 44 years old and left three children and four siblings behind.

For as long as I can remember...going back to when I was a teen-ager...Retah struggled with many things.

I used to wonder why but then after I was gang-raped, I often thought that she must have

experienced something similar that caused her to make decisions

hindering her potential and robbing her of peace and joy.

Retah and I never had the chance to speak in depth about it and this is something I deeply regret.


I think of her every day since she died.


I am haunted daily with the question, "Did I do enough and did I do it when I was supposed to?"

I ask myself over and over, "If I had gotten my website up sooner or starting making YouTube videos sooner,

could I have changed the outcome of Retah's life?


The harsh reality is that I will never know.


I wonder how many Jordyns, Danes and Retahs will die because I did not rise to the calling

of becoming the answer to a question in my generation sooner?


My Mentor, Dr. Myles Munroe, used to say, 

"Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable."


Jordyn, Dane and Retah did not know their purpose or understand how truly valuable they were.  

Jordyn, Dane and Retah did not understand the magnitude of their potential or power

and tragically, Jordyn, Dane and Retah suffered inevitable abuse.


I am bent like no other time in my life to see to it that I do everything in my power to stop 

another Jordyn, Dane and Retah from suffering from abuse and losing their lives.


I am determined to get the only message that will equip an individual to Overcome and Discover

out to every person on earth and end the suffering that exists in a person's life when they

don't know how truly precious, valuable and necessary they really are.


Click here to donate and join me please in the fight to bring RESTORATION to those who are suffering and do not know their purpose so that we never lose another Jordyn, Dane or Retah.


THANK YOU in advance for your kind and generous support.


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